Prompt 11 – Hour 21

Something using yarn. 4:00 – 6:00 a.m.

Now we’re burning the midnight oil!

We are tasked in the wee hours with this great and fun challenge.

Make something from yarn. I’ll have been doing THAT for the past 20 hours, give or take. In one way or another. I’ve been sort of yarn addicted of late, so yarn is making its way into journal pages, jewelry, fashion accessories… kind of a little bit of everything.


Scarves, Sugar Skull Lolita Hair Comb, Star Purse, Serenity Garden Yarns, Quickie Arm Knitting Yarn and Sassy Cloth Yarn

I like to learn something new every day, I didn’t know I’d be learning something new at o’dark:30 in the morning and documenting it for you all… maybe this can be fun without the stress.

This is roving weight yarn made specifically for arm knitting by Lion brand yarns and the other two fabric yarns I’m using.

Fruity Quickie       Red Heart Sassy Fabric Newsprint       Red Heart Sassy Teal Panther

Here is the tutorial by Maggie Weldon that I used for my materials and will use for the pattern and the tutorial by Chandi of Expression Fiber Arts that I am actually following for my method, particularly on the cloth scarves I’ll be wearing to work since she is working with sari silk which also does not stretch.

I have not done any arm knitting yet… I have wanted to do some for about 4 weeks. I am going to document my journey and I’m secretly hoping that Alex (my insomniac son) is awake tonight just so that he can take pictures for you. I want to do a 5 minute time lapse for you from start to finish. Of both projects. And this is going to be harder if I have to try to stop, take a picture, upload it and then move on. MUCH easier if my cameraman does it for me!

The first project; a fluffy cowl that can be worn stretched over the shoulders and covering the chest and back or that can be pulled up to protect the head as well as neck and shoulders. Something soft and yummy for my most beloved Stephanie who loves “tu-prises”, particularly when they manage to come off as actual surprises! (are you surprised?)

The second project is the same as the first only not… NOT fluffy yarn… NOT stretchy and warm… made from cloth strips is for me, for wearing to work. Because I’m a big girl and finding pretty things long enough, or just wide or narrow enough, or in the right weights is sometimes more of a challenge than it is worth, and so sometimes we just have to make it for ourselves.

Pictures are incoming… watch the Facebook or Twitter feeds. You might just like what you see.

If there is time I will make the second work scarf by this method, since I bought two different patterns of the cloth yarn. I will also post the ingredients and “pattern” in the Facebook feed for those of you who adore the colors and prints as much as I did. Alex will also get a fashion shot or two for you if he is still awake, or I’ll do it myself and post them as selfies!