Melissa loves to do art her way. Rules be damned! She likes to try new art techniques and mediums even if they don’t always work out. She loves to work with watercolors, acrylics, gelatos, Sharpies and Copic Markers. Besides art she also enjoys reading, writing, playing computer games, board games and watching horror movies. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their four cats, Chessie, Waffles, Snow and Ashbringer.
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Rhonda Chase currently lives in Seal Rock, Oregon and is a disabled Iraqi war veteran and mother of two. She has earned a bachelors degree in Fine Art with a minor in photography, graduating Magna Cume Laude from NNU of Nampa Idaho, 2010. Her specialty is portraiture, but her personal style is often more whimsical and unique. She is currently pursing interests in illustration, toys and Creature design under the name “Chase’s Creatures.”
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Ruth Hinman is a mixed media artist and gamer by night and administrative assistant to an elected official by day. She has been a creative writer and consummate crafter since early childhood and has only recently begun to explore mixed media art and projects in the past couple of years. Ruth loves glass in all forms, yarn and string with bumps and irregularities of color and texture, gelatos, acrylic paints and glitter and anything with texture that can vary greatly over just an inch on a canvas or journal page. Ruth teaches jewelry making and mixed media journaling techniques and believes beyond all else that art is what you create, not what someone else calls art. Her blog is finally gelling into a cohesive and creative place for her to share her art and the basics of how it is created. 
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Sarah Trumpp is a mixed media artist, sculptor, and mad scientist who never met an art supply she didn’t want to wrangle into submission. She is obsessed with things that are creepily cute, monsters, zombies, and food with a face. She moonlights as an occasional poet, tattoo artist, and ukulele strummer. She lives in the wilds of upstate New York with her happily sarcastic husband and three Slipknot-obsessed children.
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