Prompt 7


This is the last hour of the art-a-thon and because of that I have decided to keep this prompt simple. For the last prompt you are to create your own Halloween coloring page.

Creating a coloring page is pretty simple. You start by sketching it then using a marker or fineliner to go over the lines and then erase any pencil marks. If you have a scanner you can scan it or you can use your camera and take a really good photo of it and then, if needed, edit it on your computer. Once you create your coloring page you can share it with the other participants so that they may color it in but only if you want to.

Below are two coloring pages I created for the art-a-thon. You can click on each image to download them.

At the end of the art-a-thon I will select a winner at random for the prize. Good luck!

Prompt 6


The Nightmare Before Christmas turns 25 this year. It was released October 13, 1993. It is one of my favorite films. Tim Burton had the idea of Nightmare Before Christmas since the early 80s. He eventually had a deal with Disney but when the film was ready to release Disney deemed it “too dark and scary for kids” and instead released it through Touchstone Pictures. I was 13 when it came out and enjoyed it and even if I had been younger I still would have enjoyed it since I have always liked dark and scary things.

For this prompt, create something to honor the Nightmare Before Christmas’ 25th anniversary. This could be based on a character from the film, a specific scene from the movie, or something original based on elements from the movie.

Jack Skellington “The Pumpkin King”


Zero, who I turned into a cat for Mab’s Drawlloween Club last year.

Prompt 5


Many of you may have heard of the 3 marker challenge where you randomly select 3 markers and can only use those 3 to color in your drawing. This prompt is similar to that challenge however the colors aren’t random and they aren’t specific marker colors. (I did not pick specific marker colors as its quite unlikely that every participant would have the same markers and the same colors.)

So for this prompt you are to create something using only Halloween colors: black, orange, purple, and green. No other colors should be used. However you may use white for highlights but it should not be a predominant color.

Cupcake Monster created using only the four Halloween colors.

Remember to keep sharing your creations in the Facebook group or using #24hourartathon on instagram or twitter.

Prompt 4

For this prompt we will be using the Createures Drawing Deck. The deck includes subject cards that come in small, medium and large animals; detail cards that adds an element to your drawing and habitat cards that add a location for the creature you are creating. The deck is great for improving your drawing skills, to have fun or even to help with artist block. You can create some really unique creatures.

We will only be using the subject cards and the detail cards for this prompt. I have randomly selected 3 sets of cards. You can chose to just create one of the sets, two of the sets or all.

Set 1 – Vampire Bat, Rabbit, Tiger and Rainbow-Colored

Set 2 – Ladybug, Raccoon, Stegosaurus and Fangs or Toothless

Set 3 – Chipmunk, Rattlesnake, Mammoth and Feathers & Wings

Below are some drawings I created during last years Inktober using the Createures Drawing Deck.

Created with the Octopus, Elephant and Ladybug cards.

Created using Armadillo, Axolotl, Stegosaurus and Rainbow-Colored.

Created using Butterfly, Jellyfish and Giraffe cards.

Prompt 3

Most Halloween costumes and movie monsters are made by taking something ordinary and turning it wicked. Zombies are brain-eating, dead people! Cleopatra is the sexy, poisonous noble. Werewolves are intimidating, fang-bearing oversized dogs.

In this prompt, we’re flipping that trope on its head. Your goal is to take something that’s normally scary, terrifying, or monstrous and make the wholesome, family-friendly version of it.

As an example, think of Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. Arachnophobia is a big deal for many people, but here we have a delightful children’s story!

Based on a photo by Philipp Böck on Unsplash

Need a medium? The picture above was created with digital manipulation using a photo from Unsplash. All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible. So break out Photoshop (or Paint.NET if you need a free alternative) and edit a photo to create a wholesome monster.

Need ideas? Check out this list of phobias or this list of monster movies. Because who says you can’t draw a cuddly ghoul or show just how helpful a killer bee can be.