Hour 11



The prompt for hour 11 is Trees. Your trees can be realistic, whimsical, spooky or even weird.

The tree in the prompt header was created with alcohol inks on photo paper. I used a dauber with cotton which I put a few drops of various colors on. I then dabbed it all over the top of the photo paper to create the “leaves”. The alcohol ink would spread thus creating the pattern you see. For the trunk I used a brush dipped in alcohol inks. I recommend using a cheap brush because once you use it in the alcohol inks it won’t be good to use with anything else.

Hour 10



The prompt for hour 10 is Triangles. Originally it was going to be circles. I love circles so it is always my go to shape. So this time I decided to pick a different shape. You could create only triangles or you could make the triangle the main focus and include other shapes and things. You could even create things that are triangle-like. For example a pyramid, slice of pizza, flags, etc.

Hour 9


The prompt for hour 9 is Cats or Your Favorite Animal. I love to draw my kitties. Sometimes I draw them in a simple form with just ears and a face, another simple form but with a bit more detail (like in the prompt header) or a more detailed form with legs, paws and markings. My favorite forms are the two simpler ones because I’m not so good with making the drawings very realistic. You could create a cartoon version of your pet/ favorite animal.

Hour 8



The prompt for hour 8 is Circus/Carnival. You could create anything related to the prompt, like clowns, circus animals, carnival folk, rides, games or even carnival food. You could even make a map of some imaginary carnival. I did a quick one a couple of years ago for another challenge. You can see it below.

Outside of Carnival Map

Outside of Carnival Map

Inside of Carnival Map

Inside of Carnival Map