Hour 9 – Monochrome

HELLO AGAIN!!  Welcome to hour 9!  Are you snacking?  Having some water?  Kicking everyone in your house out to the movies or something so you can have some FREAKING PEACE AND QUIET FOR ONCE JEEZ.  Ahem.

This hour is all about color.  Or lack thereof.  Welcome to the Monochrome Zone!



You can do black and white, too, if it turns your crank!


I don’t know why I always end up going creepy when it’s monochrome.  Who am I kidding? I always end up going at least a little creepy.  Ha!

Like last time, I’ll be giving away a $30 gift certificate to my stencil shop some time during this hour to an active participant!  WOO!


All right now go! Get busy!

Hour 6 – Hello Dolly!

Hellooooo my little pumpkin pops!!

Welcome to hour 6 of the art-a-thon!  I hope you’re all well-hydrated, well-fed, and well-rested.  Or drunk.  You know, whatevs.  I don’t judge.


You like fiber?  You go fiber.


Maybe make a tribute to your favorite 2016 casualty.


You like paper?  You go paper.  Bonus points for devils in rainbow leggings.


You want to bend the rules?  You bend the rules!!  Draw a doll!  Pose Barbies in inappropriate situations and take pictures!


(Hulk doll by Trish Fettig, self portrait by Hulk Smash.  I may have helped him a little)

Some time during this hour, I’ll give away a $30 gift certificate to my stencil shop to anyone actively playing!  WOO!!


Now GO! Go forth and make dolls!

Prompt 3 – Hour 5

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I’m hooked on Food with a Face.

Seriously, it’s a sickness.  If there was a 12-step program, I would be steppin’.  If I had a dime every time I thought about, dreamt about, or created something potentially edible, I would have at least 142.83.  Don’t ask about the missing 0.07, you don’t want to know.

Anyway!  I paint it…


I draw it.


I sculpt it.


And sometimes I draw Sriracha faces on eggs just for fun.



One of my favorite things in the WORLD, though, is something I found on Pinterest in one of my many time-wasting 12-hour binge sessions research periods – brain-shaped cake pops.  I made these a few years ago as a gift, and they were easy (sort of), cheap (sort of), and awesome (ABSOLUTELY).


You can find the instructions for these and many other amazingly wonderful things over at Hungry Happenings!

Now I’m going to go eat some pretzels and listen to them scream as I crunch down on them.


melissahalloween2 I have two things I plan on making for this prompt. The first is to create meatloaf in the shape of a brain. I have a very large brain mold and a smaller one that I will use. I plan on using a lamb, pork and beef mixture that when cooked has a rather pale pink/pale tan color. Since I am not sure if the larger meatloaf will be done by the end of this prompt, I will also be making sugar skulls. I will be following this recipe from the Mexican Sugar Skull Website. Their recipe however is for large quantities so I will be reducing the recipe by a lot as I only plan on making a few.
rhondahalloween The concept of edible art is new to me. I am not foreign to the concept of food as art… but most of the creations I’ve seen or made were not designed to be eaten. Can an object be considered “art” if you eat it? For sure the mastery of flavor is an art, but if something only exists to be eaten can it be art?

After reading what some of the others were planning I did realize I have made a jello zombie hand with a mold. I never would have considered it art though. Perhaps in a way they are installation pieces. Temporary life spans for the enjoyment of the audience. The concept of what qualifies as a work of art has been pondered and explored throughout history. In modern times the “readymades” ushered in a whole new discussion about art. This is exemplified in Marchel Duchamp’s “Fountain”. If you haven’t heard of it the story it is worthwhile find.

What do you think?

ruthhalloween I am at a complete loss for this one. I don’t actually play with my food… at least not the edible foods. And while I saw some cute things while researching Halloween foods, none of them really looked like something I wanted to fix AND eat. There are a number of eating concerns in the house, so… maybe I’m lazy and maybe I’m practical… I’m feeling lazy.

My son and his girlfriend may actually manage to bail me out on this one as they are frustrated with me for playing dead on this and both have some good ideas…  and I plan to be sipping Thai iced tea with black boba and hoping to be inspired by what we’re being taught today! (I have already cheated and seen the meatloaf idea offered above ^^ and so may actually do that.)

Just a silly little song. ~Melissa

Prompt 9 – Hour 17


I am thrilled that you’re all still hanging in with us!

Your prompt!

Finish Something Old Or Start With Something Old

I am sure we can all find SOMETHING to do with this prompt, eh?  I have an attempt at an abstract that may need a serious makeover!



AND this time you can win this art doll, which is sort of my personal big prize, so I’m not sure why I chose to give it away in the middle of the night, but WHATEVER.  Albertine the Aggravated!

download (1)

Add your info below or on Facebook, and I’ll pick a winner in the morning!  Woot woot!

Prompt 6 – Hour 11

Hello lovelies!  I’m so happy you’re still here with us!

Your prompt for this shift is Flowers.

Now, I will be the first person to admit that painting flowers is not my favorite thing in the world.  Probably because I can’t paint them like this:


By Michelle Constantine Wiarda

The good news, however, is that you don’t HAVE to limit yourself to flowers.  You can make something WITH flowers, on flowers, next to flowers, whatever you like!

Link up your work here and/or in our Facebook group, and you could win this wee monster painting!
trumpp_monsters_3 (1)