13 Hour Art-a-thon

Hi everybody! Its been over a year since the last art-a-thon as we have all been very busy. I however decided to take a break from painting and doing updates on my new home to host a 13 Hour Art-a-thon on Saturday, October 27th from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. Eastern. The art-a-thon will be Halloween themed. There will be prompts every 2 hours and there will be a prize at the end of the art-a-thon.

As with all our art-a-thons, all are welcomed to participate. To participate in the art-a-thon we recommend you join our Facebook group as that is where most of the interactions take place. If you prefer using Instagram I have created an account for the art-a-thon. You can follow us by clicking here.

Hope to see you there!

Hour 12 – Brave

The art-a-thon is almost over. How’s everyone doing? Hopefully still having fun.

The prompt for this final hour of the art-a-thon is Brave. As usual you can interpret it however you like. Some examples of what you could do with this prompt are draw characters from the movie Brave, create a poem about bravery, art journal on how you plan to be brave this year or how you have been brave in the past, use a story about bravery to inspire your art or even just be brave and try something new with your art.

At the end of the art-a-thon I will be picking a winner for the prize I am giving away. Remember the more hours you participate the more entries you will receive.
Looking forward to seeing your creations!

Hour 3 – Resist


Hi all!

For this hour the prompt will be Resist. Resist is an art technique where you cover a portion of the surface you are working on with a resist layer using tape, glue, gesso, clear medium, masking fluid, wax, etc to create shapes and patterns. These areas are then protected from subsequent layers. Most of the time the resist layer is removed but not always. You may actually have done some resist art as a kid; in the form of crayon resist. With crayon resist you would draw an image in crayon, usually white crayon and then you would paint the entire surface in watercolors or watered down paints. This would then allow you to see the image you drew with the white crayon.

Below are 2 examples of resist. In the first one I used matte multi-medium on stencils as the resist layer and then used Dylusion spray inks on the entire surface. I found the stenciled areas were too white so I rubbed some of the spray inks into the stenciled areas to remove some of the multi-medium and add some of the colors. I still let some areas be white. I did not remove the multi-medium when I was done.

In the second one I used masking tape as the resist layer and used Dylusion spray inks on the entire surface. I then removed the tape. Some of the spray inks did seep through underneath the tape but that was most likely my fault. The masking tape I was using is pretty strong and can sometimes tear or peel a page when removing so I took the tape and tapped it on my pants a few times to make it less tacky. I probably did that one too many times so it wasn’t tacky enough. I still liked the way it turned out though.

There are many other ways to create resist art. A good place to look for ideas is YouTube.

If you don’t wish to create something with the resist art technique, you can just use the word resist to create something else like an art journal page, drawing, poem, etc.

Have fun!

Hour 1 – Upcycle


Good Morning all! Hope you are all well rested and ready to tackle this art-a-thon.

For this hour the prompt is Upcycle. Upcycling means to use discarded materials to create something new. This means you could use junk mail, scraps of paper, bottle caps & lids, labels, torn clothes, scrap metal, old cutlery, tires, plastic, wine corks, etc to create some awesome art.

For example in the art journal page below that I created a couple of years ago I used wrapping paper that Ruth made for a gift she sent me as the background, around the border I used halls cough drop wrappers, for the sun I used the label from a beer bottle and for the flowers I used crushed bottle caps and small scraps of scrapbooking paper.
My prize for this art-a-thon can be viewed here. In order to qualify for the prize you must participate for at least an hour. However the more hours you participate the more entries you will get.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you all create.

Guest Host Interview – Trisha Doran

Trisha D.
Meet Trisha Doran, the third guest host for the upcoming 12 Hour Art-a-thon that will be held on the 14th of January. Below is a quick interview to help you get to know her better.

Melissa – Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Trisha D. – I live in Independence, Missouri with my 4 dogs, Zeke, Luna, Lily & Bandit. They are my great joy and besides reading and playing online games, political fighting on facebook and art, I have no other hobbies, really. I like to cook and I’m great at it, but I never clean, ever. I’ve finally rectified that issue by hiring it done, so it’s not such a smelly dog, artsy mess. I also curse a lot, even when others would find it unnecessary.

Melissa – What kinds of art do you do? Which is your favorite?

Trisha D. – Mixed media, knitting now and then

Examples of Trisha's art.

Examples of Trisha’s art.

Melissa – What inspires your art?

Trisha D. – Emotions, phrases, music. I read a lot and often jot down inspirational/thought-provoking words I read. I did a mixed-media wallet that was inspired by my sister “I don’t have to be honest with someone I don’t give a shit about.”

Melissa – Tell us about your work space.

Trisha D. – Uggh! Actually, I’ve been on a year-long quest to organize it. For people who know me slightly, they would be surprised to know that it’s very girly – now the room is painted pink and I have a pink chandelier (squeeee!). I’m a closet girly-girl. It makes me happy, and that’s all that matters. I’m also a horrible slob, so time shall tell if it will stay pretty.

Melissa – What are some of your favorite mediums to work with?

Trisha D. – Water-soluble anything – that really trips my trigger. Sprays and stencils – fun! Glitter of course, if that’s a medium LOL. Ink. Mostly anything messy and drippy and I’m there.

More examples of Trisha's art.

More examples of Trisha’s art.

Melissa – Are there colors you favor in your art? If so what are those colors?

Trisha D. – I like what I call mermaid colors – aqua, turquoise, emerald green, violet, dark blue, etc.

Melissa – Is there any art technique, supply or medium you would like to try?

Trisha D. – Gelli plate!

Melissa – When being creative what is one thing you must have?

Trisha D. – A pen.

Melissa – Who is your favorite living artist? Who is your favorite deceased artist? Why are they your favorite?

Trisha D. – Jeez, this is hard. Living artists are mostly people I “know” on the internet and am friends with on Facebook. Effy Wild, Sarah Trump, Nika, Tamara LaPorte. Dead artists? Renoir, Degas and Monet all trip my trigger. I love the ethereal beauty they portray. I’m also one of the few who can’t stand Frida Kahlo – yeah, I said it. it’s true.

Melissa – What is your favorite work of art?

Trisha D. – Waterlilies – Monet

Trisha's first signed piece.

Trisha’s first signed piece.