Prompt 7


This is the last hour of the art-a-thon and because of that I have decided to keep this prompt simple. For the last prompt you are to create your own Halloween coloring page.

Creating a coloring page is pretty simple. You start by sketching it then using a marker or fineliner to go over the lines and then erase any pencil marks. If you have a scanner you can scan it or you can use your camera and take a really good photo of it and then, if needed, edit it on your computer. Once you create your coloring page you can share it with the other participants so that they may color it in but only if you want to.

Below are two coloring pages I created for the art-a-thon. You can click on each image to download them.

At the end of the art-a-thon I will select a winner at random for the prize. Good luck!


I live in Pennsylvania. I love to art journal, draw, doodle, paint, write short stories and be all around crafty. I enjoy working with acrylics, pastels, Sharpies and watercolors. You can view my creations at

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