12 Hour Art-a-thon

We have decided to host a 12 Hour Art-a-thon on January 14th. The art-a-thon will begin at 8AM Eastern and end at 8PM Eastern.

For this art-a-thon we have decided to have guest hosts as well. There will be 4 guest hosts. As the weeks go by we will be introducing you to each of the guest hosts. This way you will get to know them before the art-athon.

As with all our art-a-thons, all are welcomed to participate. To participate in the art-a-thon we recommend you join our Facebook group as that is where all or most of the interactions take place.

Hope to see you there!




I live in Pennsylvania. I love to art journal, draw, doodle, paint, write short stories and be all around crafty. I enjoy working with acrylics, pastels, Sharpies and watercolors. You can view my creations at UnwaveringImagination.com.

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