Coming this October…

We have some good news for you all! We have decided to host another art-a-thon this year!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. So we decided to host a Halloween themed art-a-thon on October 24th. However this art-a-thon will not be 24 hours it will only be 13 hours. It will begin at 8am EST and end at 9pm EST.

We will have prompts again and there will be a few prizes as well. As always the prompts and theme are just a suggestion. You can create whatever you like.

Signups for the art-a-thon will go up mid September. More information will be posted as we get closer to the art-a-thon date.

If you wish to keep up to date on the Art-a-thon please subscribe to our blog by entering your email in the subscribe section located on the sidebar to the right.

We hope you join us for this spooky art-a-thon!


I live in Pennsylvania. I love to art journal, draw, doodle, paint, write short stories and be all around crafty. I enjoy working with acrylics, pastels, Sharpies and watercolors. You can view my creations at

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